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Privacy statement

At a number of places on this website, information is requested that can be traced to individual persons, such as telephone number, email address or postal address. FleuraMetz aims to process and manage any personal data that you leave behind during a visit to the website of FleuraMetz in such a way that your privacy is protected and guaranteed.


1.      Why this privacy statement? 

As an organisation we consider protection of personal information one of our main priorities. For this, we follow the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the GDPR implementation law. Personal information is processed with the utmost care at FleuraMetz. 

What is considered personal information?

Personal informationis any information from an identified or identifiable natural person. For example your name, address, telephone number or personal email address, financial details but also the IP address of your computer. 

The processing of personal information concerns all the possible actions and implementations made by us with your personal information, from the collection to destruction of it. We understand that this is a very broad concept. 

Actions that certainly fall under this category are: the collection, record, ordering, saving, update, change, request, consultation, usage, forward, spread, make available, bring together, connect to each other, protection, removal and destruction of information. 


2.      Why do we process your personal information? 

We process your information for the following purposes:

- For sending special offers and information (Inspirations).
- For deliveries and orders or other services.
- For collecting payments, including placing collection in the hands of third parties.
- For transport purposes.
- For follow-up and courtesy contact with customers.
- To meet legal obligations. 

3.      Are you obliged to provide this information? 

You are required to provide personal information as a result of a legal or contractual obligation or due to a necessary condition to conclude an agreement. 


4.      What personal information do we process?

- Name, company name, type of company, address, place, postcode, country
- Telephone number, fax number, email address
- Financial details: VAT number, Chamber of Commerce number, bank account number
- Type of company: retail, wholesale
- Company trade: Flowers, Plants, Hard Goods, Other
- Client number 

Processing of personal information is done based on the following principles from Article 6 of the General Data Protection Regulation:

- Consent
- Performance of a contract
- Legal obligation
- Task carried out in the public interest
- Legitimate interest 

5.      To whom do we provide your information? 

In principle, we only use your personal information for our own business operations and for the performance of a contract. In some cases, it may be necessary to pass on your details to other parties:

- Group companies
- Contracted processors
- External advisors
- External (financial) service providers
- Taks authorities
- Supervisory authorities 

With parties that process personal information on our behalf (the so-called ‘processers’), we sign (insofar this is required) processing agreements. This is necessary so that when we provide them with information, it is properly stated that they will protect this information and report to us in case of a (possible) data leak. 


6.      How long do we store your personal information? 

When storing personal information, our basic principle is that we do not store information any longer than is required for the purpose it was intended for. Insofar it exists, we comply to the statutory retention periods. Information can be stored by us for a longer period of time when there is a legitimate interest (for example, in case of an ongoing legal procedure or one that is announced and we must be able to defend ourselves). 


7.      How do we protect your personal information? 

Our protection of your personal information is well-organised with physical, administrative, organisational and technical measures that are taken. The people who have access to your personal information only use this to perform their duties.

For specific purposes, required information will be provided to others within the organisation, such as your email address for sending special offers. 

Your digital personal information is protected by authorization. Physical measures include locking up cabinets and spaces with a corresponding key policy. 

Therefore, we have an appropriate level of protection. We also update this periodically or when needed. 


8.      What are your rights? 

Under the GDPR law, every person concerned has the right to inspect, rectify, delete, limit, process, object to and transfer of personal information. The persons concerned also have the right to file a complaint with the supervisory organisation. In The Netherlands, this is the Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA) in The Hague.   


9.      Who should I contact for my query or request? 

If you would like to appeal to your rights, please send an email to privacy@fleurametz.com.

If you have other queries or a complaint regarding the processing of personal information, please also contact us at privacy@fleurametz.com.

We will do our best to respond to your query within reasonable time but within one month the latest. If more time is required for whatever reason, the person concerned will be informed on time and further handling shall be done within 3 months after receiving the request. 


10.   Validity 

We reserve the right to amend this privacy statement. If it involves an important change, we will inform you about this through email and/or announcement on the website. 

This privacy statement is dated from 25 May 2018.